At Live Oak we offer Commercial snow clearing services for our customers; whether you are a HOA, COA, retail facility, medical facility, hotel, industrial lot or office building. Live Oak provides you with 24-hour “on-call” services throughout the entire winter season.
All of our agents recognize the importance of having clean, well-maintained safe roads, parking lots, drives, and walks, steps to ensure the easy flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Our staff is fully trained on snow equipment operation and on-site troubleshooting. When a storm is imminent, we’re on the job 24/7, monitoring meteorological data, keeping you informed of changes, and standing by with the necessary equipment and manpower to handle anything Mother Nature can throw at us.

At Live Oak we feel that communication is one of the most important aspects in ensuring proper services. Prior to the winter months, we meet with you to discuss clearing protocol; designated areas to clear snow, where to pile or relocate snow, obstacles to avoid, where problems may have existed in the past, and what de-icing agents we utilize if and when necessary. Live Oak has the ability to brine, cutting down on the usage of salt, which is safer for the environment.

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