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  April Showers Sprinkler Co., a Live Oak Company, has been in existence for over 25 years and has a complete staff to service all of your residential, commercial or corporate irrigation installations.

Our General Services Contact includes:

  • We will inspect and adjust all the heads on the system. We will check all zones for a proper working condition. We will set the clock for correct watering times and make sure that the rain sensor is in good working order.
  • In June, we will come out to make any adjustments that are needed in the watering schedule and make sure that your system is in proper working order. Water scheduling will be done in conjunction with weather conditions.
  • In August, any scheduling change or adjustments that are necessary will be made. At this time we will also evaluate your system to make sure it is adequately watering your plant material and lawn.
  • In late fall, we will shut off your system and winterize it. The clock will be shut down and all systems turned off. The water in the pipes will be blown out using compressed air.
  • Repairs are covered for normal breakdowns of parts. Excavation or landscape damage is not covered. Also not covered: power surges or lightning damage.