March 14, 2011

Hellebores, Spring Flowering Perennials

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Finally!  We may have our first signs of Spring coming up in our gardens and they are most welcome!  After this long, cold and dreary winter, hellebores are now poking their beautiful little heads up through the remnants of snow and cold mud.  They are the earliest of all spring flowering perennials and certainly the longest lasting.  Once upon a time, they were mainly a plant for collectors and were expensive and slow growing.  They have come a long way down in price and full sized plants are now quite affordable.

Like many other slow growing perennials, hellebores are little troubled by insects or diseases and most  herbivores avoid them.  Light preference is partial shade to shade and prefer humus rich soil, moist and well drained soil.  Hellebores can be used as edging, groundcover, mass plantings, rock gardens, woodland gardens and along paths.   Live Oak Landscape Maintenance will be delighted to introduce you to these amazing plants.

Warning:  Hellebores are poisonous in all of their parts, especially the roots.  Some people even break out into a rash by simply getting sap on their skin.  Wear gloves if you are subject to skin irritation.