October 24, 2011

Changing Landscapes in New Jersey Gardens

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Landscape changes over the years.  As plants grow, the overall look evolves from sparse to lush.  Trees cast cool shade where the sun used to shine.  Shrubs and hedges grow tall and dense enough for privacy.  Perennials and ground covers spread to form colorful patches of foliage and flowers.  And along with plant growth, structures and fences gain the patina of age.

Constant change over the years sometimes rapid and dramatic and sometimes slow and subtle – this is what the joy of landscaping is all about.  Live Oak Landscape Architects and Garden Designers know the growth rate of every tree and shrub that is planted in your landscape.  When some of the do-it-yourselfers go to the nursery, they look at the tag of a small tree and think it will never get as tall as the tag says….that’s exactly when they should contact Live Oak Landscape! Landscape is our business and we are professionals who know what your landscape will look like in its first year of growth, five years of growth and ten to fifteen years of growth.

October 17, 2011

Fall Cleanup for New Jersey Landscapes

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We are now in the middle of the fall foliage and because of the rainfall this summer, we still have many green trees—but wait!  Trees will be turning red, range and yellow overhead and roadside grasses dry to shades of russet and tan.  Perennials such as asters, chrysanthemums and Japanese anemones provide fresh looking flowers in the fall garden.  Pretty soon, we will have our first hard frost which will kill tender plants to the ground signaling the time for fall cleanup.

Live Oak Landscape Maintenance crews are now starting cleanup for this important time of the year.  Please call to make an appointment soon because  the days are flying by fast.  Our staff is the best in the business and we look forward to working with you.

October 10, 2011

Lawn Reseeding in New Jersey Landscapes

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re-seeding lawn 1Garden and outdoor maintenance is a task that never ends. With every season comes a new set of gardening chores and outdoor projects. Late summer and early fall provide  the most ideal conditions for turfgrass establishment and seeding.  Generally, this timing will allow adequate grass growth prior to winter.  Cool evenings and moderate daytime temperatures, along with anticipated fall precipitation are conducive to rapid seed germination.  In addition, many weeds including crabgrass are no longer germinating, reducing competition in the new turfgrass plantings.
Live Oak Landscape Maintenance is now in the process of  reseeding and aerating lawns that have had a very stressful time during this summer’s drought and excessive hot weather.  Please give Amanda a call at 732-752-8030 ext 103 to schedule this important service.