September 28, 2011

Improving Your Landscape Design

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At some point in time, trees and shrubs planted decades ago become oversized or tired looking.  This is the time for a rejuvenation of your landscape.  Live Oak Landscape Architects and Garden Designers have the answers for your garden.  We know which trees and shrubs can be saved and those who will need to be removed. Pruning re-shapes the trees and adding new plants will complement those survivors in color, texture and growth habits.  Ripping out and starting over takes courage but we can give your landscape a whole new lease on life.

September 23, 2011

Autumn Maintenance for New Jersey Gardens

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First day of Autumn, finally!  It’s been a long hot summer!  We’ve had earthquakes, violent thunder storms and Hurricane Irene and it should be time to start relaxing – almost!  Autumn is the time to do many things before putting the garden to bed.  Transplanting is not difficult but it does require a certain amount of skill.  Live Oak Landscape Maintenance crews have this skill to correctly rearrange your landscape.  This is the best time to transplant, after the summer heat has past and autumn rains are beginning.

All of the best planning and careful planting can be negated without the proper follow-up.  A few simple maintenance tasks can make all the difference in achieving an attractive, healthy garden.  Please call now for our yearly fall maintenance service.

September 14, 2011

Landscape Designs Tailor-Made For New Jersey Gardens

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Tricks of perception, beautiful plants framing spectacular views, and well placed structures screening unsightly ones will help enlarge and enhance landscape spaces.  Our landscape architects and garden designers at Live Oak Landscape Contractors design the area so that it also serves your life style.  With a healthy mixture of imagination and common sense, we create a garden more satisfying than the grounds of the largest estates because it has been designed specifically for you!

September 11, 2011

Gardening in Small Spaces for New Jersey Landscapes

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Most owners of small gardens view the space within their boundaries as fixed and limited…and are they wrong! Our landscape architects and garden designers at Live Oak Landscape carefully choose and place masses of plants, ornaments and architectural features such as pergolas, fences, steps and walls so that they manipulate the space within the garden to give a sense of intimate enclosure or to visually expand it beyond the edges of your property.  Often it is desirable to do both in the same design.

We create a feeling of enclosure through a uniform design.  In general, the constructed framework of the garden should be simple.  Our use of  edging for paths and planting beds tie the composition together and defines separate areas in the garden.

To tie the garden design to the house, we construct features that will provide privacy as well as a sense of space.

September 4, 2011

Sitting Areas in New Jersey Landscape Design

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The ultimate outdoor sitting area has every comfort; sun and shade, warmth, privacy, a view, shelter from wind, cozy furniture and candlelight and mood landscape lighting.  Our landscape architects and garden designers, along with April Showers, our lighting company, can create the garden you have been looking for.  We design sitting areas by looking for a site that is warm and sheltered from the wind, enclosed enough to feel intimate and private, yet open to a view, either out of the garden or to an interesting feature within it.

Sitting areas adjoining the house are convenient  because you can easily transport iced drinks and cushions back and forth.  But a patio away from the house offers restful place to go to get away from the telephone and everyday chores.  The fact that you have to go some distance to it, even if it’s just around the corner, makes the garden feel larger.  Consider having both kinds of sitting areas.  Perhaps there is space off the master bedroom or bathroom that is large enough for a chair and gets the morning light or a corner in the garden where there is a lovely view of the sun setting over someone else’s trees.  Explore the side yard, the front yard and the backyard for possibilities.

Once you have decided on a spot, we can make the space more defined and roomlike by growing a low hedge wall, setting an arch at the entrance ,tall potted plants around the perimeter, or erecting screens.  Alternatively, if you don’t want to enclose an area too  much, we can design just a “ceiling” by building an arbor, planting a small tree with a broad canopy or installing a garden umbrella by your chair.  A ceiling will define the sitting area, as well as block views from above.