January 26, 2011

Welcome To Our Landscape Design Studio

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Mike Sidlowski, certified landscape architect with Live Oak Landscape Contractors, takes you into our studio to talk about the process of our landscape design projects.  We are going to start a video series on landscaping a garden from original thoughts, preliminary drawings and final composition.

Landscape Garden Topics Focal Points

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focal point blue potA garden is a place that offers solitude, peace and beauty.  The beauty comes from plants but it also comes from where and how the plants are placed.  How and where focal points are placed is critical because focal points bring order to what we see and will guide us along the path of the garden.


pergola strutureThere may be only a few very special elements that you would want to plan as focal points which might include pots of plants, window boxes, gates, trellises, archways, pergolas, fountains, seats, sundials, bird baths, statues, ponds, urns, plants and lighting.  Make sure that your focal point matches the style and feel of your garden.  Your garden should match the style you have inside your home.  If you garden is casual, then whimsical focal points will work.  A formal, symmetrical garden deserves an elegant statue or a classic urn.  Every effort should be made to  make the house and garden seamless.

weeping tree focal pointIn some cases, focal points may not be hardscape.  Many plants are also focal points; weeping or contorted plants are focal points all year.

 Wait for the right focal point.  An impatient purchase is a waste of time and money.  Consider hiding statues among plantings as surprises in your garden.

Live Oak Landscape Contractors, Architects and Garden Designer professionals will be glad to look at your property and discuss  creative ways to use  focal points in your landscape.

January 18, 2011

Why Hire a Landscape Architect?

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landscape deign plotSo often it is so easy to think “I can do that and save money at the same time”.  If you have had years of training in garden architecture and garden design you probably can do it.  But look around your community.  You can usually tell who have  had their landscape professionally done and those who “have done it themselves”!  Your time is valuable to you and without proper knowledge, mistakes in landscaping are often made—-costing you money and time!

Our professional landscape architects and garden designers embark on each new project with an enormous store of knowledge  and experience to draw on. We consider hundreds of possibilities, rejecting many and adapting others, before settling on  a workable design.  Our garden designers quickly appreciates that every garden and its owners are unique: one couple may want a safe play area for their children, another may want to have raised beds for convenient vegetable gardening.  One garden may have an open sunny area while another garden has mostly shade and yet another may have a very small area in which to garden.

landsxape design kitWhile each garden design presents a new challenge, they all have one thing in common:  we have to transform a real plot with all of its constraints into the owner’s vision and adapt that vision into a garden that works.

  Live Oak Landscape Contractors and Architects have so much to offer…we hire only professionally trained people we can trust to give your landscape the beauty that you have dreamed about.  One great thing about our company is that we have so many employees who have been with us for decades which gives our company continuity -something that many other companies cannot claim.  This alone give our clients the feeling of confidence that their job will be done to their satisfaction.

landscape design pink azaleas After your landscape has been designed and constructed, Live Oak Landscape Maintenance can take over to keep your landscape looking the way you have envisioned and originally designed.

We are going to start video blogs sessions explaining our landscape design/build process within the next few days.  These blogs will talk about client relationship from the initial interview  through each stage of the design of your landscape.  There are so many elements that have to be considered before a decision is made and we will go through each of these important steps .  At the end of these informative blogs, you will see why you should hire us as your landscape architect!

January 8, 2011

Landscape Design/Build Pool and Patio in Bernardsville,New Jersey,1

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John Baranello, landscape architect with Live Oak Landscape Contractors, will begin a new project in Bernardsville, New Jersey.  John will video this project from beginning to end so that we can see all phases of this design/build construction project.

January 7, 2011

Happy Holidays!

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Live Oak Landscape Contractors and April Showers wish you and your family a very Happy Holiday and we look forward to working with you again in the New Year.  We had fun with this little video – we are a small family but have the best time working together and we hope that you get a little laugh over our bloopers!  Happy 2011!

January 6, 2011

Snow Removal for New Jersey Home Owners Associations

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snowscapeThe Christmas 2010 Blizzard dumped up to 28 inches of snow in some parts of New Jersey leaving many people in the state stranded.  It was the 5th worst storm in New Jersey history.  People in New Jersey have high expectations and want to be on the road as soon as the big snowstorm is over.  Our Live Oak Maintenance Teamworked hard to meet those expectations and kept the roads clear for our clients–in some cases several trips were needed for client safety.

….Hearthwood was the only community I did not get a complaint from regarding snow removal – it was refreshing to know Alan and his team were organized and efficient…Joyce Gilbert, Community Manager, Wentworth Property Management.

….Alan, I just wanted to let you know that it is my opinion that our complex looks great.  we got a ton of snow and your team did a great job…Brian K, Past Board President, Hearthwood Community

And, our great testimonials go on—–please go to our home page and click on testimonials.

snow in parking lotOur services provide for the clearing at the clubhouse parking lot (if applicable), roads, parking stalls (when open to allow for cleaning), driveways (if applicable), common sidewalks, steps, individual walks and stoops in the priority as it is listed.

At Live Oak Landscape Maintenance, we pride oursevesin our work with a team of professaional employees whose job is to go beyond your expectations.

January 3, 2011

Ice and Snow Damage to Plants in New Jersey

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heavy snow on coniferOur snow storm last week  brought about heavy accumulations of snow and ice which can  cause damage to trees and shrubs.  Most trees with damaged branches can be repaired but some may need a little more work than just pruning.

Survey damage:   As soon as the ice and snow melts but  don’t  be in a hurry to to correct trees bent out of shape by snow or ice.  Often the trees will straighten after the snow melts. Use a broom to gently brush the show upward on bent- over branches.

snow damage on twigsBranch Removal:  Small broken branches can be removed easily with pruning shears or a pole-lopper.  We can recommend professional arborists to remove any damaged branches that overhand the house or power lines.

Limb Removal:  Remove large branches with multiple cuts.  This will eliminate splintering and peeling of the bark on the main trunk.  First, make the first two cuts 12 inches from the branch collar.  This keeps the bark from tearing into the tree. Remove the remaining stub with the final two cuts just above the branch collor.

Live Oak Landscape Contractors will be more than happy to visit your landscape to assess tree damage and to make recommendations.