July 29, 2010

Landscape Design/Build Contractors in New Jersey: Formal Patio and Hot Tub Design

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Live Oak Landscape Contractors has just started a new construction project in Scotch Plains, New Jersey.  We will be video taping  each week in order show how they begin and end the landscape process.  Mike Sidlowski and John Baranello, landscape architects, discuss their  clients vision for this new formal patio, hot tub and fire pit.

July 28, 2010

Landscape Design/Build Company in New Jersey

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Live Oak Landscape Contractors is a Design/Build company.  We do it all!  Gardens are places of constant change – sun and shadows – seasonal plantings growing and then fading….and then when you  factor in contours of the land for grading and drainage, designing a garden  can be overwhelming!  This is where Live Oak Landscape Architects step  in. We start with a Base Map Preparation -house plans, property survey and topographic survey from which we are able to draw a base map of the site to scale.

BHG-site-analysisSite Inventory and Analysis is the next step.  We  catalogue and then analyse important existing site conditions that may influence the design such as topography, soil drainage, vegetation, climate, utilities, building codes, zoning ordinances and surrounding neighborhood.

Live Oak Landscape Architects now start the design phase which is the actual design based on client interview and the site inventory and analysis. Functional diagrams is the first attempt at organizing the overall arrangement of the design on paper – usually freehand bubbles depicting size, proportion and configuration. From this comes the Preliminary Design which converts the bubbles into general shapes and character.  This is presented to the client.  We then move on to the Master Plan , Construction Documentation, Layout Plan, Grading Plan, Planting Plan and  Construction  Details. And, finally, Implementation!

BHG-landscape-front-yardLive Oak Landscape Maintenance can provide a maintenance schedule to keep your landscape looking beautiful the entire year.

July 21, 2010

Landscape Design Styles

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BHG style landscape picHow do you go about expressing  individuality for your garden?  Live Oak Landscape Architects start your design by asking you its primary purpose – do you want a quiet, secluded sanctuary or will your garden be used primarily for outdoor entertaining? Do you want your garden to be a source for flowers or a wildlife garden of mostly native plants?  Does the garden need to take into consideration children, play areas and pets? Do you want a themed garden such as a formal, informal, Japanese inspired, Mediterranean, English or woodland garden?

BHG style landscape formal picThe  first consideration should be to keep your garden in harmony to the style of your house. Your taste, sense of beauty and ideals are the stylistic influences that will make the garden distinctly yours. Live Oak Landscape Architects and Garden  Designers will create just the garden you are looking for.

July 14, 2010

Principles of Landscape Design

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DSCN3160The Principle of Design are guidelines by which the elements of design are combined to create a garden.  These principles include proportion, scale, balance, rhythm, contrast and dominance. This is just part pf  a recipe of design to be used in conjunction with Elements of Design.  When the design principles are not used, the design is more likely to be unpleasant to the eye.  Such a design is described as being uncoorindinated, chaotic and visually disturbing.  You see this lack of principles  in many DYI gardens.

DSCN1080A successful design depends  on so many factors and  Live Oak Landscape Architects are the professionals who design an entire composition for you with end result of a fantastic garden that you will enjoy for many years.

July 13, 2010

Elements of Landscape Design

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DSCN1218Landscape Design combines the elements of art and science to create a functional,  aesthetically pleasing design often linking or extending indoor living to the outdoors.  Elements of Design -  line, form, texture, scale and color are never used independently of each other.  Live Oak Landscape Architects and Garden Designers plan gardens as an entire composition with design principles of unity, balance, interest, rhythm and movement.

DSCN1306A great garden must display a sense of artistry, using the sky and  soil as a canvas and plants and structures to create a visually exciting space that can be formal or informal in style, large or small in size. Designing a garden with these variables in mind while also fulfilling your vision can be a challenge.

Live Oak Landscape Architects and Garden Designers are professionals who takes these challenges to create a master plan for your own personal oasis!

Hedge Pruning with Electric Trimmers

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This video was taken in early May by Live Oak Maintenance.  Mike Sidlowski interviewed Fernando on the correct way to prune these serpentine hedges with electric hedge trimmers.   As you can see, this property is quite extensive and our professional staff have worked hard to make this a beautiful landscape for the homeowners.  We will visit this property again during the summer to show the back yard landscape.  Stay tuned!!!

July 10, 2010

Sprinkler Heads Need Adjusting in Summer Heat!

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heat wave 2The heat wave we are experiencing now causes havoc on your sprinkler system.  When you call April Showers Sprinkler Company for an appointment, we will send out our professional staff to make sure that the sprinkler heads are functioning correctly.  These heads may need to be cleaned out and adjusted and timing may need to be increased for additional watering of your lawn and plants.  For this mid season inspection, April Showers is offering at 10% discount.

DSCN0813Please call Renee at 732-752-8030 ext 113 to set up this important inspection and service.

July 6, 2010

Landscape Architect and Garden Design Topics

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DSCN3643Live Oak Landscape Contractors is a Design/Build company.  We do it all!  Our Landscape Architects  have taken many years of additional study to become licensed in their profession.  Our Landscape Designers have had many years of experience designing outdoor spaces, using primarily plants and hardscape elements such as decks and patios.  Live Oak Landscape Contractors takes the approved drawings and uses equipment like bulldozers and backhoes to move earth and lay stone.

DSCN1123Because Live Oak Landscape Contractors are professionals, we would like to give you information on designing your garden that you may not have thought of.  Topics that we are going to blog about are Elements of Landscape Design, Principles of Landscape Design andLandscape Design Styles.

July 5, 2010

Design Process for Vegetable Garden In Allentown, Pennsylvania

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veggieplanNow that you have seen this beautiful garden, we want to walk you step by step with our design process. Live Oak Landscape Architects start all large and small projects with the same meticulous care.

We ask the client numerous questions, all of which guide us to the final design.  Because we knew that he wanted a formal garden throughout his landscape, we followed that same concept for his vegetable garden and as you can see from the results, it looks pretty spectacular!

However, we had a long way to go…..we had to check hours of daylight on the proposed vegetable garden since many vegetables need more than 6 hours of sun each day to grow the best yield.  We wanted to get the best views from the inside of his house so that he could enjoy looking at his garden even on rainy days.

After the client approved the design, our landscape architects and garden designers went to work using a CAD drawing (above) , which is the use of computer technology for the design of objects, real or virtual. CAD often involves more than just shapes. As in the manual drafting of technical and engineering drawings, the output of CAD must convey information, such as materials, processes, dimensions, and tolerances, according to application-specific conventions. Thanks to Wikipedia for an easy CAD definition.

Live Oak Landscape Contractors were then able to install hardscape to the specific dimensions required, fill the vegetable garden with soil and planted the plants requested by the client. Our client now has to wait for the harvest!