April 29, 2010

Landscape Lighting, Part II

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There are a lot of great ideas  for landscape lighting.  The most important thing to accomplish is to achieve safety for you and your guests and to enhance the beauty of your home.

deck lightingDecks and Patios are designed to be places for entertainment but without proper lighting, they can be very hazardous especially if you have any elevation changes like steps, planters or seating.  Landscape lights can be added to a deck or patio easily to illuminate those elevation changes and make it a pleasant place to be for outdoor living.  There are several options available:   Recessed lights fit flush into the deck itself are durable and can even be stepped on without shattering.  Deck lamps come in many different shapes and sizes and can be a beautiful addition to your deck.  With proper planning, outdoor lighting is  part of the design and will add an architectural element to your deck or patio.  Another option to consider is adding post cap lights to your deck.

fountain imageWater features and fountain lighting will enhance your landscape with incredible effects.  A fountain can glow and  a small pond can be transformed from below the water surface with LED lighting.  Choosing the correct lighting will make all the difference in terms of how your water feature will be perceived.  The most common choice for fountain lighting is the submersible light.  These lights are placed underwater and illuminate upwards to create a shimmering effect.  They also help to illuminate streams of water as they flow into the basin  of the fountain.  Colored filters can be added for creativity.  LED landscape lighting is a good choice for fountains because it is less expensive than traditional incandescent lighting and they come in many vivid colors as  well. Correct lighting techniques for your fountain will take a little planning on your part.  Experiment with a flashlight at night to see the best locations  for your fountain lighting project.

In Part III, we will explore Walkway Lighting, Tree Lighting and Wall Lighting

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April 27, 2010

Landscape Lighting, Part I

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outdoor lighting, sculpture uplightingWhen your garden is illuminated at night it beautifies your home and provides you with night-time security all year long.  Lighting your garden makes it look attractive from inside the house,  makes your garden accessible at night and transforms your garden into an outdoor living room.  Many spaces that were useless now become inviting with illumination.  Lighting offers drama when features such as fountains or pieces of art are singled out.  It also provides beauty and romance for outdoor dining!

For night-time safety for you and your guests, good outdoor lighting for surfaces such as paths and steps is a priority.

Please give us a call at 732-752-8030 to schedule an appointment with our company, April Showers, for a free quote.  We will set up a demo kit to show you exactly what the lights will look like even before they are installed

In Part II, we will discuss great ideas for landscape lighting.

Credit to Casey Dodson

April 23, 2010

April Showers will Enhance The Beauty of Your Landscape with Lighting

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uplightingLandscape lighting can be one of the greatest improvements that you can make to enhance the beauty of your home.  Now you are no longer confined to the four walls of you home after dusk.  Many people have invested a lot of money and time into their landscaping, so  why should you be limited to enjoying it just  during the day?April Showers professional  outdoor landscape lighting specialists can provide a great ambiance without having your house look like and airport.  Create another room of the house by extending your home into your yard with the benefit of landscape lighting.

In addition to the artistic nature of landscape lighting, it also adds a great sense of security to your home as well as family and guests.  It is a fact that homes with landscape lighting are a great deterrent to crime.

Live Oak’s company, April Showers, bring unparalleled knowledge by master designers to enhance your home and landscape using only the highest quality fixtures available on the market. If you are interested in having an expert come to your home call Renee at 732.752.8050 ext. 113.

April 20, 2010

Tune Up Your Irrigation System with an Audit

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sprinkler imageAn irrigation audit consists of measuring and collecting data from the irrigation system on precipitation rate, uniformity and other metrics.  This irrigation audit information is then compiled and presented to determine effective ways to make the irrigation system more efficient.

Over 50% of outdoor water use is tied to lawn watering.  With an irrigation audit, we can eliminate water waste which results in a healthier lawn, healthier plants, and a lower water bill.  The average irrigation audit takes approximately 2 hours and when completed, you will get a report detailing the findings including water usage, areas to save water, as well as any other inefficiencies in the irrigation system.  Our customers are always amazed at the amount of money they can save with a relatively small investment in an irrigation audit.

When having an irrigation audit performed, it is important to find a qualified irrigation company.  Our irrigation company, April Showers, has employees on staff with national certifications in irrigation auditing.

For more information on doing an audit, contact Ethan Petro at 732-752-8030 ext: 103

April 19, 2010

Irrigation Systems in New Jersey

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Proper Planning is the foundation of every irrigation system especially when creating zones for correct watering.  There are two major types of lawn sprinklers – spray heads and rotors.  Spray heads are typically used for smaller turf areas as well as plant material and flower beds.  Rotors are typically used on larger lawn areas and can spray from about 15 ft all the way to 80 ft.  At April Showers, we take pride in creating a lawn sprinkler systems that provides the greatest benefit for our client.  We consider water conservation on every project and work to incorporate water savings techniques to maximize the efficiency of the lawn sprinkler system while irrigating the entire landscape.

The layout and design of the system varies widely based on the plant material present, obstructions and the lay of the land.  For instance, in a hilly area the layout is completely different from a flat area.  Our systems are controlled with an electronic controller that takes the guess out of watering.  In fact, it takes it completely out of your hands.  We can even take it a step further and install an irrigation system that automatically adjusts the watering schedules based on actual weather data that it collects on a daily basis.  These systems adjust each zone individually to water only when it is needed

We use the latest in water conservation techniques ask our call center to explain Water saving devices like Rain Sensors and ET Based Controllers in detail at 732.752.8050

April 14, 2010

Drip Irrigation Water Conservation Specialists in New Jersey

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We are committed to water conservation and use a variety of products to achieve that goal.  Water is a finite resource and the Earth’s greatest resource.  We are committed to preserving it.  One of the best ways to conserve water is to utilize drip irrigation whenever possible.  Drip irrigation is a low volume irrigation product and uses a very small amount of water. Whereas spray heads are approximately 60% efficient, drip irrigation is about 95% efficient.  Drip irrigation is one of the best ways to save money, save water and keep plants healthy and green.

Not only is drip irrigation efficient, it is also flexible.  Drip irrigation can be customized to water the most complicated areas, all while minimizing plant damage and runoff.  Drip irrigation is buried below the surface and allows us to water near a house without a chance of water getting into the basement or constantly spraying water on the house (virtually eliminating the chance of mold).  It is also easily modifiable so if you decide to change your plants or extend a bed, we’ll be right there to help since this is not a major project.

With a myriad of different nozzles,  sprayers, drip tube and emitter options, April Showers  has the equipment and the knowledge to get your project done on time and right the first time.

April 9, 2010

Scheduling Underground Sprinkler Service

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Renee2When calling April Showers to schedule an appointment for your underground sprinkler  and irrigation service in the spring,  please have several dates in mind.  Sometimes our technicians have multiple appointments  and if you have a backup date, chances are we will  be able make an appointment with you for one of those days if your first choice is not available. Please call Renee at 732-752-8030 to schedule an appointment